Summer In the City

  • by Yawza Official
Summer In the City

We often think about summer outfits as beach outfits, but for the majority; we spend most of our beautiful sunny days in the office or out & about in our home city.

Here’s how you can add to your summer wardrobe while running your city errands.

Add a Summary Backpack to your outfit:

Backpacks are the city’s best friend. They are practical, carry all your belongings & ours have warm designs.

Our summer backpacks come in 2 models: the Skye bag (left picture) and the Leia  (right picture), with 4 different designs each to suit your style.

Bandana to spice up your style: 

This summer trend is as simple as adding a bandana to your outfit. Our bandanas are made from soft satin fabric to be worn as a Hair wrap, a top, or a bag accessory. 

Kimono for every occasion:

Our Chiffon kimonos aren’t only for the beach, you can use them as a layering piece or wrap them like a top.


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