Our Mission

We aim to offer comfortable, trendy products with a diverse range of designs and colors to suit the tastes of our Gen Z and millennial customers, and to bring a vibrant touch back into their lives.

Our Vision

We see youth’s lives reenergized! 

We've noticed that the younger generation is so ambitious, trying to build successful lives from an early age that they forget about the beauty that comes with slowing down. But that’s okay! We support you during your journey & we aim to help you add color to your life no matter its pace.

Our Values

  • Passion: We love what we do! From ideation to design to printing the final product, every step of this journey is like a pump of adrenaline that keeps us wanting more.

  • Creativity: We’re a brand by creatives for creatives of any field. We believe that with creativity, the world becomes a more interesting place with a new experience around every corner.

  • Persistence: We insist on maintaining a high quality standard in our products despite any hardships we might face. Quality is & will remain our #1 priority.
  • Community-centrism: Our community is our core, with every single operation in our business revolving around how we can enhance our community’s experience.

  • Savoring the Moment: We believe in the importance of stopping & enjoying something to the fullest. It’s how we get inspired. And it’s what we encourage our community to do.

  • Authenticity: We honour originality & we stay true to ourselves. We give ourselves the freedom to create what we feel & truly enjoy.


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